Why choose a Love Those Lashes Course?

Mink Eyelashes - Love Those Lashes We have three points of differences from other courses:

1. Love Those Lashes™ specialise in designing lashes to suit each individual person. We teach different techniques for various types of eyelash extensions, such as Acrylic, Silk, Mink and Human Hair. You will be taught to consult, analyse your client’s eyelashes, recognise the various eye types, age and design for all occasions; from the dramatic to the natural, from scattered lashes to gradual designs.

2. We offer our Love Those Lashes™ salon experience which is invaluable to a business introducing eyelash services. We have a wealth of knowledge from an owner, operator, staff and clients point of view. We draw from our very successful and profitable salons in Melbourne and Sydney, with clients such as Jennifer Hawkins, Charlotte Dawson, Ruby Rose, Kelly Landry and our Ambassador for Love Those Lashes™ Emma Freedman.

3. Love Those Lashes™ also offer a free follow up session, after one month from your original training course. You may wish to bring a model to demonstrate your technique and ask for assistance in any problems you may be experiencing. This is a valuable free service and our trainees find this time extremely beneficial.

All Love Those Lashes™ products, training and salons are held in high regard in Australia and is fast becoming the best in the Asia Pacific Region. We are supported by media events, and often covered in various magazines such as Vogue, Harpers and Women’s Day.

Our Love Those Lashes™ course is designed to create expert eyelash technicians and stylists. We specialise in eyelash extensions and produce the most superior lashes in the world including the Love Those Lashes™ 100% Siberian Mink Lashes, a far superior product than Chinese Mink. We are the only Lash Company in Australia that stocks and teaches how to apply Human Hair extensions which is new to the global market.

Our eyelash educators are internationally and Australian educated. All Love Those Lashes™ educators have assisted in devising the Love Those Lashes™ training course setting us apart from others. The course is at the forefront of eyelash extension techniques and is renowned in Australia for teaching the design of eyelash extensions.

The course is split into 3 parts

Part 1-(2 hours) is dedicated to theory, covering the history of lashes, background knowledge of Love Those Lashes™, application of eyelash extensions, how to evaluate your clients and design lash extensions for the individual. We also cover eye diseases, infections, sanitising procedures, the various types of glues, glue removers, eyelashes extensions and Love Those Lashes™ products designed for lash extensions. Mink and Human Hair lash design is covered, as is the designing process.

Part 2-(3 hours) is dedicated to practice, consulting and designing a set of lashes on your model and designing different looks for Asian, African and Caucasian eyes ,incorporating age appropriate styles. We also practice the process for removal of lashes and refills. You will need to provide a model. Part 2 is dedicated to practice and technique.

Part 3- A follow up free session 1 month after initial training. Certificates will be issued at this time. (Assuming conditions have been adhered to in the past month and the valuator is happy with the progress and understanding of lash techniques and design)

Love Those Lashes™ course takes five hours from 11 to 5pm. Your models are required at 2pm

Course Cost is $350 per person when purchased with any Love Those Lashes™ Kits


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