At Love Those Lashes we pride ourselves on hygiene, being thorough and experienced beauty therapists.  We consistently score 100% on our hygiene by council health inspections.  We do not ‘double dip’ into our wax pots.  Staff use disposable gloves and disposable spatulars with quality antiseptic and soothing lotions applied after each treatment.


Threading allows a more defined and precise shape and therefore, can create a better definition for the brows.  The other benefit of threading versus waxing of the face is that it is more gentle to the skin.

Lip/Nose                                                      $15
Chin                                                              $15
Brows (2 weeks)                                       $25
Brow Shape (4 weeks+)                         $30
Cheeks                                                       $22
Lips and Brows                                         $39
Whole Face                                                $50



Don’t underestimate the power of the brow, it defines the eye and gives expression to your face.
Regardless of your natural shape, the direction of the hair, thickness, or color, most can be fixed to achieve a perfect brow for your eyes. Most brows are not symmetrical, but our beauty therapists can identify where your brows are going and fix them. Most people have two shades of color in their brows, by tinting them they can instantly appear cleaner and fuller.

Henna Brows                                                  $40
Henna Brows with Wax/Threading           $63
Normal tinting (lasts 2 weeks)                  $25
Brow Wax or Threading                              $25
Brow Wax or Threading Reshaping         $30
Brow Tint with Wax/Threading                  $47

Brow Tint


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. Brows naturally lighten from the sun, which means the ends of our brows are sometimes not as prominent as the inner corners. As we age our brows become thinner and sparse and they appear to fade away.

Lash or Brow Tint                                           $25
Lash and Brow Tint                                       $47
Brow Tint with Wax/Threading                  $47
Brow & Lash Tint with Wax/Threading    $65

Brow Lamination

This is the latest treatment to hit the beauty industry, hailing from Europe, is becoming the must have treatment in 2021. It is a lash lift for brows, without the pain of a microblading, to get a full feathery effect, giving the wearer eyebrows that are symmetrical and fuller. It will last between five to eight weeks.

Lamination                                                    $85
Lamination & Tint                                        $100

Body Waxing

We only use Australian owned and manufactured Jax Wax for hot and strip wax.  They are natural and environmentally friendly and the best Australian product on the market. So, whether it’s a full leg, bikini or just quick lip wax, you’re in great hands.

Underarm                                       $18
½ arm                                               $20
¾ arm or full arm                          $30
½ leg                                                 $30
¾ leg                                                 $40
Full leg                                             $45
Bikini                                                 $30
G-String                                          $40
Brazilian                                          $60

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