Spray Tanning – hawthorn only

Tuscan Tan original and Rapid Amino90 spray tan solutions contain Tuscan Tan exclusive
Violet-Tone Complex®; a blend of naturally derived ingredients formulated to eliminate the
orange undertones. Besides amazing colour, Tuscan Tan spray tan offer unparalleled
performance. The spray tan dries immediately on application to a non-sticky finish, and once
developed, the tan is completely odourless and lasts seven or more days before gradually and
evenly fading to further enhance the impression of an all natural sun tan.

We also offer another alternative to those who require a rich Mediterranean dark tan. This is
available in 2 or 8 hour tans.

Spray Tanning (Hawthorn Only)

Mediterranean 8 hr                    $30

Mediterranean 2 hr                    $35

Tuscan Tan 8 hr                          $45

Tuscan Tan 2 hr                          $50

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